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About DIRECTV For Lodging & Institutions from American Satellite LLC

DIRECTV Lodging And Institutions

It's been a long day of travel for those near Watervliet, NY; long security lines, a crowded flight, and a cab ride in rush hour. They arrive at your hotel and just want to kick back, relax and watch some TV. Before finals students spend all their spare hours studying and cramming. The tests are over and some relaxation is long overdue. What could be better than a night spent catching up on TV? Hospital stays can be both stressful and worrying. Guests and patients realize entertainment of any kind helps to alleviate tension and kill time.

What can DIRECTV offer your place near Watervliet, NY?

For over 20 years DIRECTV has been delivering high quality programming to consumers. A wide array of options and features are offered catering to all lifestyles and fulfilling the customer's need for tailor-made entertainment. And now DIRECTV Business offers Lodging and Institutional packages that provide guests at hotels, hospitals, dorms, and other institutions the best entertainment experience they can find anywhere outside their own living room.

Standalone Packages And More

The power of choice is what differentiates DIRECTV Business Lodging and Institution Packages from those offered by their competitors. Unlike many other companies, DIRECTV Business doesn't assume all instituions need voice and data bundled with their programming. However if you just need entertinament, DIRECTV offers stand-alone programming as well as an extensive range of bundles and add-on packages, which you can adapt to your specific needs.

What Other Programs Can You Expect?

Once you have a base TV package, the entire range of DIRECTV programming is available to add on. Want to add premium cable channels? No problem. Do you deal with international clients looking for familiar television programs? DIRECTV has all the options. Are your customers longing to watch regional sports? We have a special package on offer. Want to add business or educational programming? Add these whenever you need. DIRECTV enables you to provide the right entertainment choices for your guests by offering 20 different content packages. After all, you know your guests best.

Choose DIRECTV For Your home away from home

You have the power and convenience of choice with DIRECTV Business Lodging and Institution packages. A wealth of entertainment options and add-ons allows DIRECTV to provide a quality and tailored entertainment experience for your guests and customers.

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