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    Out-of-market games only included in NFL SUNDAY TICKET subscriptions. Professional and collegiate sports subscriptions sold separately. Blackout restrictions apply.
  • Connect up to 8 TV's wirelessly to one HD DVR.

    Not available on the television which is connected to the Genie HD DVR. Actual range of wireless signal varies and may be affected by several factors including, but not limited to: home construction materials, obstructions, electromagnetic interference and other environmental factors. Limit three remote viewings per Genie HD DVR at a time. For residential use in a single household only.

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About DIRECTV from American Satellite LLC

Reasons why you should subscribe to DIRECTV

Digital satellite TV has been one of the leading factors in the trend against traditional analog cable, and there are more reasons than ever to join in this shift. There has been a dramatic change in technology over the years and from the moment this revolution called DIRECTV started to take place, the age of fading, snow and interference has begun to disappear. Direct broadcast satellite refers to the type of satellite broadcasting that provides satellite TV signals for home viewers. It is also referred to as "Direct to home television" (DTHTV), and it requires a satellite dish to operate. This type of satellite TV technology delivers images and other content in sharp HD format, taking entertainment to the next level.

The technology behind direct satellite TV broadcasting

Thanks to the small size of the satellite dish used in direct satellite broadcasting, it is easier to transmit signals around the world. This significantly improves the quality of programming. Just in case you are used to cable TV, there are certain features of direct satellite TV that will lure you into subscribing to an advanced system such as DIRECTV; the excellent image quality for instance, surpasses that of the ordinary cable and the reason being that the digital reception of sounds and images on DIRECTV have been re-constructed by the powerful and more advanced receiver.

The Benefits of switching to DIRECTV

DIRECTV uses the most advanced HD DVR systems on the market so that you can enjoy your favorite shows on your schedule. This recording system will also allow you record up to five live shows at once, whether you are home or outside. The typical HD DVR used by DIRECTV can also record up to 200 hours of content, so you will never have to worry about running out of space. Secondly, the advanced DVR system provided by DIRECTV allows you to watch two live events or shows on one screen and you can even watch them side-by-side.


Having the mobile version of the DIRECTV service is one of the best possible ways to unleash your DVR playlist while you are on the move. This technology keeps you in touch with your favorite shows and programs regardless of where you are. You can watch the news, a live match, or your favorite music channel - at no extra cost.

A benefit of switching to DIRECTV services is that you will get great discounts and credits right from the moment you switch from your service provider. Aside from that, you can save at least $100 a year in subscriptions.

Technical Support

In addition to installation, maintenance, and billing support, DIRECTV offers several demos and how-to guides to help its subscribers resolve common issues. Our demos and guides cover topics such as troubleshooting, learning about DIRECTV and how it works, as well as billing support. When troubleshooting your service, DIRECTV support can assist you at any time. Demos and guides on the products and services offered by DIRECTV are also available.

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